Picking up on the physical actions and behavior of your opponent at a poker game will give you a significant edge


What an opponent says during the game is also a poker tell. Players who casually speak as they play exude confidence; other players who speak too much or at any opportunity display a lack of focus in the game. Some players verbally express disappointment to suggest weakness, but this message often comes off as a strategy of deceit. A clever tip to use, whenever an opponent talks as they play, look out for their body language, eyes, and other tell-tale signs that may support what they are saying. Sometimes a player might display confidence in their words, but constant fidgeting, scratching their heads, and more might relay their genuine emotions at that point.

Intent Staring

If an opponent looks at you directly into the eyes, it signifies strength and confidence. In periods of uncertainty, it's human nature to fidget, look away, or look down. A player with a firm hand will face their opponent directly to intimidate them. However, some players do this to confuse their opponents when in the real sense, they hold weak cards.

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