Boxing returns Vegas but don't expect to see packed arenas

Get ready for fight night, professional boxing has returned to Las Vegas. However, sports fans will have to wait a little longer to see the action live. 

Starting in July, there will be two weekly boxing shows taking place at the MGM Grand. Because no fans will be permitted, the boxing action will take place in an enclosed convention area of the hotel rather than its famed arena. While several bouts have been put together, final approval from the Nevada Athletic Commission is still pending.  

The new rules of boxing require all fighters to be tested at least twice during the fight week to ensure that they do not have COVID 19. Plus, fighters will be asked to stay in one hotel and only eat at certain places. If the initial fights take place without any issues, more will be scheduled. Promoter Bob Arum has taken a proactive step and ensured that there are ample testing facilities available for the boxers and their teams.

In addition to Bob Arum’s boxing schedules, promoter Eddie Hearn from the UK is also planning to add more bouts in Las Vegas in late July. Not to be outdone, Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya is considering setting up boxing matches in Vegas as well. The return of UFC earlier in June indicated that if the events are well planned, then there is a good chance that boxing can also succeed.

While the exact dates and names of boxers have not been finalized, each card would be a 3-hour show, with one main event and three supporting fights, plus a lot of razzmatazz in between.

All fights will be televised and shown live on ESPN. For the lucky few staying at the respective hotels, a live telecast will be available in each room. Final note: before you book your ticket to Las Vegas, first check out if the boxing matches are set and who will be fighting. The last thing you want is to show up in Las Vegas and not see a boxing match!


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