Skip your morning Starbucks routine and try one of these Las Vegas spots instead. They have the perfect aesthetic for an Instagram photoshoot.

Toast Society Cafe

Toast Society Cafe

True to its name, this cafe serves specialty sweet and savory toasts. “Avo Everything” (pictured above)  is their own spin on avocado toast, and the “Sweet Tooth” has chocolate, strawberries, and bananas piled on top of it. You can grab a hot or iced coffee to go along with it. They also serve plenty of health-conscious options like wellness drinks, smoothies, and bowls, as well as vegan and gluten-free items. 

Stay and enjoy your order inside of the open, modern, bright shop. Sit on the long pink velvet bench or grab a seat at a barstool; either way, cute accents like cactuses and plants will surround you. 

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