While Las Vegas is world renowned for its great hotels and casinos, we also have a great variety of shopping malls that make this desert oasis a must visit. Many are located on the Strip inside casino properties. You can easily visit them by walking or by car as everywhere has parking and/or valets. You don't have to visit only when you're looking to go on a spending spree, you may simply want to beat the heat and do some window shopping and people watching.

1. Downtown Container Park

Downtown Container Park

This open air shopping destination is built entirely of repurposed shipping containers. It features everything from clothing and art, to upscale restaurants, bars and food stalls. It's got something for everyone. It is a shopper's paradise and you're sure to find some unique goods. You can even have a great time just sitting around outside people watching and not have to spend a dime! The playground with a large slide and a treehouse is a great place for the kids. 


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