Derek Carr ranked as an upper-tier Quarterback, Jon Gruden kissing butt to keep his job, and the least-liked sports team of all time. All on last week in Las Vegas sports.

#4 Former NFL wide reciever calls Derek Carr an elite quarterback

#4 Former NFL wide reciever calls Derek Carr an elite quarterback

Where does Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr rank among the greatest quarterbacks of the 21st century?

While this question will probably be asked endless throughout Carr's career,  former football outsiders reporter Scott Kacsmar ranked his top 100 1uarterbacks of the 21st century and listed Carr as #42. Of course, some might see that as too lenient on the 6th year Quarterback, especially given his obvious shortcomings, but others feel he deserved better. This is why Carr is one of the most polarizing entities in the entire NFL and will forever be discussed long after his career comes to an end.

According to Kacsmar, "Carr is a bruised ego quarterback with an obvious peak season (2016) that garnered unjustified MVP love and ended prematurely because of injury... I could make an argument that Carr had his best season in 2020. It did not result in the win-loss record Raiders fans would have hoped for, but the defense was terrible, and Carr actually came close to sweeping the Chiefs." 

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