The city lights never go down! Day or night, Sin City will always keep you entertained. You may not have thought of doing these things but why not gamble a bit? You're in Las Vegas afterall. So grab your group, go out, and enjoy the midnight life!

1. Flamingo Hotel Wildlife Habitat

Flamingo Hotel Wildlife Habitat

This exhibit is one of the most exciting ones you will find in Vegas. It is available all night and it's free to enter. There are a lot of trails you can walk through and see the Koi fish and flamingos. The atmosphere is so calm and soothing that you can't resist loving these moments. There have been rumors that the ghost of Bugsy Siegel walks the Flamingo's grounds late at night so we advise you to keep your head up. There is a statue dedicated to this legenadary gangster that you can find while walking the trails. 

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