Hoover Dam is a marvel of modern engineering. It's located less than an hour from the Las Vegas Strip. At the time of its construction there was nothing else like it in the world. Fun fact: it used more concrete than other projects of its day. Now, it is still one of the largest dams in the world. There are several ways that you can get to the dam. Here, we will give you some options that will help you visit the Hoover Dam from Las Vegas.

1. From Las Vegas to Hoover Dam by Car

From Las Vegas to Hoover Dam by Car

It doesn’t even take an hour to reach Hoover Dam from the Las Vegas Strip by car. This is the most convenient way to visit the dam. First, take the l-215 east towards the airport, then connect to the l-11 and US 95 South. This will take you to US 93, which leads into Boulder City. Plenty of signs will lead the way once you've reached Boulder City.  After that it's a short drive to the visitors center. 

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